2016 - The End

2016 - The End

I searched the depths of Livejournal for this end of year survey made by a dear old friend of mine. I used to make a point to do this every year right before my birthday but now the years go by so much faster without the markers of school to break down life into semesters and winter vacations. It was a bit of a struggle to even remember what happened in the past 12 months and even more of a struggle to place any sort of meaning to it all. 

I sit here four days away from 27 trying to gather up some significance, the sort of thing that came naturally to the high school version of me. After reading a few of my old posts I think we are one in the same when it comes to our love of art, our drive to succeed, our commitment to move away from home and be among strangers that are often scary but sometimes fasicinating.

It's easy to make nostalgia your home. I'm trying really hard not to fall into the trap eased along by the constant stream of #TBT's and re-issued childhood cartoons. Sometimes I feel sentimental about the years hidden in my Livejournal and long to re-live the tribe mentality and the immersive play-acting that went along with my wardrobe and music collection. Back then all I wanted was to dance in a goth club and live in New York, two things my adult self can check off her bucket list...but it will never feel the same as it did back then. Fantasy is powerful. Reality is usually depressing. But I think even without the makeup and neon hair I can embrace the absurdity that is existence.

So this is my new version of an old favorite. I added some of my own questions to this but it generally rings true to the tradition started over a decade ago. Here's to whatever blogging platform I will be spilling my ego onto ten years from now. Here's to 2016.

Best Things of 2016:

  • Becoming an aunt!
  • Visiting London for the first time
  • Discovering the My Favorite Murder podcast and falling down a rabbit hole of true crime that warmed my dark soul to the core
  • Being there when my partner got her DOE teaching position and feeling so proud
  • Getting more manicures
  • Creating the most flawless Halloween costume I have made in years
  • Rediscovering a wealth of EBM, new wave, synthpop, post-punk, and all around goth goodness thanks to Spotify
  • Moving past my teenage/young adult habit by not dying my hair once this and letting about 150 new grey hairs come in and kind of growing attached to them
  • Changing some of my most deeply held beliefs in terms of spirituality and the actual purpose of community
  • Generally moving towards greater self acceptance

Worst things of 2016:

  • Not even going to touch this one

Concert of 2016:

  • Robyn at Gov Ball

Biggest Disappointment:

  • Not finding a new job, one in particular that I got very far with definitely was a let down

Song of the Year:

  • iT- Christine and the Queens

Song danced to in Underwear the Most:

  • Let ‘em Say - Lizzo ft Caroline Smith
  • Come Down - Anderson Paak
  • Too Funky - George Michael

Movie of the Year:

  • Dearest Sister

TV Show of the Year:

  • Rick and Morty

  • Honorable mentions: Mr. Robot, The Night Of, People vs OJ Simpson

Best Fashion Purchases of the Year:

  • Everlane grey sleeveless button up
  • Stella McCartney Falabella crossbody
  • DVF black lace pencil skirt
  • Uniqlo dusty blue pleated chiffon midi skirt

Band/Artist of the Year:

  • Prince  (I am still in denial)

Album of the Year:

  • Christine and the Queens - Chaleur Humaine

Best Restaurant of the Year:

  • Benny’s Burritos! (two coworker meet ups and one date night in a year and I still want more of that seasoned rice)

Author of the Year:

  • Jeanette Winterson

Woman of the Year:

  • My 2008 MacBook Pro, she survived another year when they all said she should have died years ago

Man of the Year:

  • The delivery guy that works at the bagel spot near my apartment, you're always there for me