It's Friday and today is the official unveiling of my brand-spankin'-new website and blog! I chose the new title, Rachel is Writing, as a bit of a commitment to myself to be writing.


It’s Friday and I am too scattered to finish anything I’ve started writing. A couple things are in the works; partially on Google docs, partially in notebooks, and partially in the recesses of my brain that only seem to activate on crowded subway platforms when my hands can’t reach a writing device.

Not Now

I have neglected writing for about half a year now. Confronting the perpetually blinking cursor on my screen feels about as uncomfortable to me as running into an old coworker on the train...


It’s tolerable outside and I actually have social plans this weekend! Time to break out the conversation skills and dance moves because this chick is getting off her couch…maybe. Here are some things I’ve been pondering while not socializing during the week.


This week...consisted of a lot of wine and feeling like a slug. I don't know, man. I'm just here for my sanity. Or maybe as a result of my insanity? I don't have a list of fascinating weekly tidbits at the ready so get ready for a downer!

A Lesbian Listicle! My Female-Attraction History in Gifs

When religious zealots and brainless bigots speak about the "downfall of morality" they often cite sexually liberated women in the media for awakening the youth's collective sexuality that, in their minds, should not exist until marriage and babies is the goal. While it shouldn't be news to anyone that sexuality cannot be turned on or off I think every person remembers their first grown-ass crush as a kid.

Humidity, Panic, and Trader Joe's

Yesterday I woke up at 5:35 AM, leaving plenty of time before work to shower, let my curls air dry, and make sure my dog did her business. I was getting ready for this small networking event for a week or so and I wanted to make sure I looked fresh by the end of the day even in the extreme humidity.

A Work-Out Playlist to Keep Your Goth-Cred

Just the idea of exercising makes my teenage self cringe. In true "Daria" fashion I found any and every way to get out of gym class and I thought sports were just a gateway into group-think and ritual sacrifice. Truthfully, my attitudes haven't changed much about sports but I'm coming to terms with the fact that my lifestyle of eating snacks in bed with my laptop just isn't sustainable.